Low Studio Watch Faces for Android Wear

2016 — Android Wear

A watch face is something I wanted to design for some time now. So I took the chance to design a set of 3 for Android Wear. Simple, classic, clean, timeless and stripped down to the basics.



Designing for a round screen is something very unusual. Also designing a more classical Watch Face is a special task if you haven't done this before. The goal was to provide a very minimalistic yet characteristic set with fine details and highlights.

Developed by Dionysis Lorentzos


Personalize your watch

Every watch face can be customized. With "Momentuum" you can change the color of the second hand, set the details to date, teperature or hide it. "Neue" let you switch between light, dark and second hand color. "Null" watch face let you choose between a light and dark dial.



Working on this project was really fun. I am extremely thankful that my friend Dionysis Lorentzos was eager enough to put some extra effort into the development of this side project. Seeing my design come to live never gets old. I am still thrilled with every project.
You can download it at Google Play

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