Podcast App

Outcast is a app for enthusiasts, to offer a clutter-free place for binge-listening podcasts; to showcase the internets greatest shows, episodes and creators,  featuring minimal and aesthetic design.

iOS, Android, Web



Setting the stage

I listen to a lot of podcasts, shows or talks while I work or when I walk to the office. Besides producing an own podcast now, I had the need to design a podcast app on my own.

The first drafts were discussed with a developer friend of mine, followed by the overall app concept, wire-framing, building click-dummies and Prototypes. Resulting in a clean and simple UI design for iOS, Android and a web app.


By determining core UI elements and keeping frequently used features like the minimized player and queues easily accessible we established the basis for an optimized browsing experience.

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All UI elements are subtle, containing no colors, to highlight cover artworks of each episode. Tablet and web apps alaign information architecture with their mobile companions to ensure a seamless experience.


We are working on this project on the side if we have time. The Outcast app is the result of a lot of effort and expertise of talented people. The product is not yet released, since all involved people are very busy with a lot of ongoing projects.