2017 — Android & iOS

The new Android and iOS client for Easypep makes it easier then ever to plan your shifts or request a replacement on the fly.

B2B software is always a fun challenge. Easypep is a established company tool for shift planing, vacation planning, application function, clocking and reporting.

The one thing missing was a modern mobile companion app for staff members.

The goal was to make it as easy as possible for employees to apply for available shifts in their specific departments, easily submit vacation requests and subscribe to their schedules in a dynamic and playful way.


By building in the ability to have a customised overview of the upcoming days and all shifts adds a personal level to a very data driven procedure. For example, time-slots will automatically tint in the companies color so that people quickly recognise when and where their shifts are.


To optimise the browsing experience while keeping basic features, the flow was split up into two segments: your shifts and all available shifts.