car2go Black

Premium car-sharing

In addition to car2go there was car2go black: station based car sharing with over 1.000.000 users. car2go Black launched in late 2014 and was shut down early 2016. The technology and vehicle fleet was merged into car2go.

iOS, Android


The first drafts were made in 2014 followed by wire-framing, building click-dummies, UX testings and the UI design for iOS & Android. For the app, there were many ideas and a lot of changes during the process. Some main features and core functionalities were completely changed and rethought.


Setting a goal

One of our foremost goals was to create a seamless rental experience without the hassle of classic procedure. The overall look and feel had to be calm and elegant with a focus on creating a dynamic and playful way for people to explore rental stations around them.

By building in the ability to search, compare, book and also open vehicles directly from within the app, we also created a big milestone that was later implemented into the car2go service.


I worked on this project parallel to the car2go app for some time. We were solving a variety of creative problems along the way and I had the opportunity to work with amazingly passionate people. The car2go Black app was the result of a lot of effort and expertise of a talented team of engineers, product managers and designers. Harvesting its features most beneficial to the user’s process and implementing it into car2go blue was a smart decision underlining the positive results of a talented teams work.