2016 — Android, iOS, Windows Phone & BlackBerry

With over 1.000.000 active Users in over 30 cities, car2go is one of the largest car sharing companies worldwide.


car2go was a huge project. The first drafts were made in early 2014, followed by the overall app concept, wire-framing, building click-dummies and Prototypes and setting up UX testings. Resulting in a clean and simple UI design for iOS and Android — later in addition also Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Setting the stage

By determining core UI elements and keeping frequently used features like filter and directions easily accessible we established the basis for an optimized browsing experience.


Left: The reserved vehicle is highlighted allowing for a quickly navigate to its location. Top right: All search & filter controls are consolidated into a single panel (the “Island”), which allows browsing on a full-screen map. Bottom right: All details of a selected car are easily accessible, providing more actions if needed.

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car2go is a fleet of free-floating vehicles of different types. This allows people to find, reserve, rent and return vehicles not only in certain predefined spots but everywhere within car2go's area of operation.



Upon recognising cost-control as a main concern for many users, we decided to embed it as a central part of the user experience. Trip history and cost overview are readily available to the user in the menu while how to tutorials are placed wherever necessary. Touch ID simplifies the process of unlocking a car even further.


Initially I was the only product designer in our fast growing team, responsible for the huge redesign on Android and iOS. Later Rafael Polutta and Dennis Schmidt joined the design unit and we had the resources to also create designs for Windows Phone, BlackBerry as well as work on some bigger feature concepts.


Beyond the App

Over the last years, car sharing became a part of everyday life for many people. The car2go app is used over a million times every week and people are using car2go to commute daily, for buying groceries or visiting family and friends. Owning a vehicle is not as important anymore as it was some years ago. Especially people in high populated cities benefit from car sharing.


I worked well over two years on this project. There’s an immense sense of joy and reward in seeing ideas come to life and people enjoying your ideas. We were solving a variety of creative problems along the way and I had the opportunity to work with amazingly passionate people. The car2go App is the result of a lot of effort and expertise of a talented team of engineers, product managers and designers.

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